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Automatic winder machine

The ALEMO sheet foam winder is a fully automatic machine in terms of cutting, roll change and roll unloading system. The only manual operation required from an operator is unloading of the finished roll and placing of the new paper core on the shaft. The complete area of roll discharge is protected by a safety system to protect operators.
ALEMO automatic winders for foam sheet roll production are particularly excelled by high speed, tension control and soft winding system which is very important for high productivity and fast degassing of rolls.

Max. speed: over 170 m/min
Max. roll diameter: 2.500 mm
Max roll width: 3000 mm
Sheet foam thickness: 0.5 – 25 mm

Optionals units can be added to the automatic sheet foam winding process:
– Longitudinal trimming and slitting
– Transversal pre-cutting or perforating system
– Hot-melt gluing of cores
– Coreless winding
– Automatic unloading of rolls

Automatic winder machine