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ALEMO converting machines have been designed, developed and constantly improved. All thanks to an extensive know-how and experience achieved in packaging, construction and automotive sector. The converting machinery are safe and easy to use thanks to specific technical capabilities and best available components integrated inside.

The converting machines have been carefully designed to provide wide range of products. The control systems and product settings are engineered to control all the raw material and process characteristics. We can set speed of line, width and thickness of material and temperature. Also we can control pressure of welding – lamination, material tension control, static electricity, etc.

Product parameters used during production can be stored on control panel and reproduced at each product change, for each single product.

Epe foam corner protectors making and cutting machine

The machine was developed to significantly increase the productive capacities of companies supplying protective PE foam corner and custom design products. This automatic corner making machine requires minimum workforce. One operator is enough for inserting profiles - pipes into the machine and - or controlling the machine via touch-screen panel.

The PE foam cutting machine is able to cut-out “V” shapes from different types and sizes of profiles or pipes. Each machine is equipped with a fully automatic Corner Welding System which enables precise and fast production of PE corner protectors. The parameters are easily set and visualized on LCD panel with possibility to set continuous product cutting/welding. The products are automatically collected on a belt conveyor and transported into a selected box.

Fully automatic corner production from pipes - profiles winded on coils and with possibility to produce semi-products for Tee “T” corners.

Epe foam and air bubble cutting and bag making machine

The foam bag making machine was designed to transform coils of flexible packaging material into various formats and bags to different sizes. Completely automatic control inspection system allows easy use of the machine. One good experienced worker can manage two machines together.

The welding system is equipped with different settings. It is able to adjust temperature, pressure and welding time to cover different types and thickness of material.

We have a complete production overview on touch sreen panel. The machine also gives the possibility to save for each product the welding and dimension parameters. To re-produce it at each start-up or product change.

Pe foam sheet perforating machine

The unit is developed to perforate in-line PE foam sheet directly after extrusion. The system is designed to automatically insert or exclude the micro or macro perforation process without stopping the line.

Pe foam sheet pre-cutting machine

The unit is used for production of rolls with pre-cutted sheet formats that can be easily stripped off the roll. The speed and precise operation of the pre-cut unit depends on few factors. The signal it receives from winder and quality of the winding system.

Pe foam profile side cutting machine

The unit is used for production of pre-cut PE foam square profiles that can be easily torn off the profile. The final pre-cut profile is ready for lamination of strip. With hot melt glue on profile’s surface in a second stage.

Pe foam pipe coating machine

ALEMO developed a pipe coating unit to co-extrude a skin on pipes directly after extrusion. The unit is able to coat two streams of pipes in parallel with pipe diameters from 20-200mm.

Pe foam profile and pipe embossing machine

The foam embossing machine was designed to be placed in-line, after the coating unit, in order to emboss a pattern on co-extruded PE-EVA skin. The embossing pattern can be customized according to customer's request.

Pe foam pipe self seal application machine

The unit is designed to produce self-seal PE foam pipes. In the first stage, the unit cuts the wall of the pipe. Then automatically applicates the hotmelt glue on both pipe walls. During the second stage, the pipe is laminated with a strip on both pipe walls.The final product is an easy to use insulation pipe to put around the copper pipes.