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Epe foam sheet laminating machine

The epe foam sheet laminating machine is designed for laminating products that are very widely used. Not only in packaging industry for surface protection purposes, but also in construction and wooden floor underlayment as well.

ALEMO is providing absolutely the best In-line lamination systems on the market. For production of EPE foam sheet laminated with PE film, HDPE film, metalized or aluminium foil directly after foam extrusion.

State of the art hot roll technology. Oil heated lamination roll with temperature control unit allows fast and quality lamination process. And without foam breaks or banana effect on final product. This constant and exceptional lamination quality is achieved with sophisticated control of foam and film just before being laminated together.

Operation at high speeds requires special insertion of foam sheets during lamination start-up. With a simple way of passing the foam through the lamination unit, no roll over passing.

Lamination Machine Alemo

Max. speed: 170 m/min (560 ft/min)
Max. width: 3.200 mm (126 in)
Materials: HDPE |  LDPE |  other similar

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