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Foam corner protector cutting machine

Foam cutting machine is designed to cut corner protectors from backer rod profiles of different diameters during off-line operation. It was developed to significantly increase the productivity of companies supplying PE foam corner protectors. It's automatic operation requires minimum workforce, one operator may handle profiles inserting into the foam cutting machine, controlling the profile cutting machine via touch-screen panel and replacing boxes with products.

Foam corner protector cutting machine alemo

Corner protector productivity at specified wall thickness:
3325 pcs/h: 6mm (1/4in)
3189 pcs/h: 10mm (0.39in)
2969 pcs/h: 20mm (3/4in)
2405 pcs/h: 50mm (2in)
1857 pcs/h: 100mm (4in)
Materials: EPE foam profiles Backer rod diam. range: 40-150mm (1 ½-6in)

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