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Foam corner protector welding machine

The foam corner making machine was developed to significantly increase the productive capacities of companies supplying protective PE foam corner and custom design products. This automatic foam corner making machine requires minimum workforce. One operator is enough for inserting profiles - pipes into the foam slitting machine and - or controlling the machine via touch-screen panel.

The PE foam cutting machine is able to cut-out “V” shapes from different types and sizes of profiles or pipes. Each machine is equipped with a fully automatic Corner Welding System which enables precise and fast production of PE corner protectors. The parameters are easily set and visualized on LCD panel with possibility to set continuous product cutting/welding. The products are automatically collected on a belt conveyor and transported into a selected box.

Fully automatic corner production from pipes - profiles winded on coils and with possibility to produce semi-products for “T” corners.

Corner Protectors Making Cutting Machine Alemo

Max. number of lanes / streams: up to 8
Corner productivity: max. 24 pieces / min
Materials: EPE foam pipes and profiles (from pipes, U and L shaped PE foam profiles)

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