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ALEMO is a global leader in developing and manufacturing foam extrusion lines. ALEMO is specialized for Polyethylene (EPE), Polypropylene (EPP) and Polystyrene (XPS) foam production. ALEMO foam extrusion machinery have been supplied to Market Leaders in almost every part of the world.

We constantly invest in research for technical innovations and better foam extrusion machinery design.

ALEMO EPE foam extrusion machines have reached an impressive level in production quality, regardless from the ability of machine’s operator. Equal machine‘s parameters and raw material recipe will give always the same quality of the end foam extruded product. This is what made ALEMO a leader and a growing company today. We understand the process and we never stop improving!


ALEMO high quality PE foam sheet extrusion lines are designed to extrude EPE and EPP foam sheets with direct gas injection. The design and screw geometry is what makes the melt strength exceptional or average.

ALEMO extruders perform exceptional melting, mixing and cooling with minimum shear in material. The sheet extrusion head and die design give the final sheet consistency. Meaning in terms of thickness and density over all sheet width.

The extruder’s feed-screw is designed to bring the material to the desired temperature with optimal gradual cool down. This is considered essential in foam extrusion for maximum density reduction.

All ALEMO foam extruders can be upgraded with high speed fully automatic winders.

ALEMO foam sheet extruders reach higher productivity, better product quality and lower energy consumption. All this for less production costs that are usually expected. The foam sheet extrusion lines are designed and engineered to offer a higher safety level with several downstream equipment options.

Foam sheet extrusion line ALEMO EXT165 -- I Capacity: 1000 kg/h I Twin screw extruder -- more

Foam sheet extrusion line ALEMO EXT130 -- I Capacity: 600 kg/h I Twin screw extruder -- more

Foam sheet extrusion line ALEMO EXT120 -- I Capacity: 400 kg/h I Twin screw extruder -- more

Foam sheet extrusion line ALEMO EXT90M -- I Capacity: 150 kg/h I Single screw extruder -- more



ALEMO pipe and profile extrusion lines for PE and PP foam pipes and profiles production are designed to produce foam profiles of different shapes.

The design of the screw and barrel is specially developed to make a perfect mix of raw materials. Also it ensures the extrusion processes stability.

All ALEMO pipe - profile extrusion machines have the possibility to be upgraded with a special die - product changing system. This is able to perform a fast product change without stopping the extruder.

The main competitive advantage of Alemo foam extruders is the ability to reproduce always the same product quality. It means at each new start-up or product change process. You may save optimal raw material recipe and extrusion process parameters in database and re-produce specific products anytime. This tool will give you the opportunity to save the know-how of your best extruder operators and reproduce it anytime.

ALEMO pipe - profile foam extruders are a guarantee to produce high quality products for different applications. The pipe - profile extrusion line production offers several downstream production line options.

Extrusion line for PE and PP foam pipe and profile production ALEMO EXT82-PRO -- I Capacity: 150 kg/h I Twin screw extruder -- more

Extrusion line for PE and PP foam pipe and profile production ALEMO EXT90M-PRO -- I Capacity: 150 kg/h I Single screw extruder -- more



ALEMO extrusion line for XPS foam profile and cornice production is designed to produce foam profiles of different shapes. The used process is hot extrusion.

This extrusion manufacturing process is characterized mainly by continuous mixing of a blowing agent (CO2) into melted polymer. The compound of various components is prepared in a mixer. Then is transported to a dosing device which feeds the mixture into the extruder.

The mixture is heated to the melting point temperature of polystyrene. After that, CO2 is added to the melted polymer mixture and fulfils the function of blowing agent. This is necessary for the production of solid foam.

The obtained mixture of polymer and gas is further mixed and cooled by special cooling units. Those units are designed to work at high pressures. The mixture is then forced through special dies (matrix) to make the desired form of the profile.

The extrusion machine head is optionally designed for single stream or two stream profile production. After extrusion, the profile is guided through a mandrel to give the final shape. Further on, the profile is cooled to keep the desired shape and dimension.

Before cutting, the profile is labelled by an in-line printing unit. The profile is cut with a millimetric precision by an automatic cutter to the desired length. Finally is transported to an area prepared for the packaging.

ALEMO offers high technology for product with high quality geometry, shape and flat surface.

The ALEMO extrusion technology offers also a fast-die changing system. It allows to change die/ product in few seconds, without stopping the extruder. This solutions gives to ALEMO customers a huge advantage over competitors. Meaning in terms of time, raw material and overall production costs reduction.

ALEMO supports the Customers also with die/product shape development according to Customer’s request and design. ALEMO extruders produce XPS profiles which are the lightest products on the market. This means lowest quantity of raw material used per linear meter of profile.

Extrusion line for XPS foam profile and cornice production ALEMO EXT89-XPS-COR -- I Capacity: 100 kg/h I Twin screw extruder -- more