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Foam plank laminating machine

Polyethylene foam processing equipment for plank production is one of the fastest growing business in packaging industry replacing expanded Polystyrene (EPS). EPE foam planks could be also laminated with Aluminium foil and used in construction industry for insulation purposes.

ALEMO developed a machine with hot-air lamination technology to achieve maximum productivity at lowest scrap ratio. The machine's design is adapted to perform plank-to-plank lamination as well!

Moreover, this foam lamination machine is equipped with an automatic side-trim and scrap collection system. And with scrap ready for further recycling process.

Foam Plank Lamination Machine Alemo

Max. number of layers: 6
Max. plank thickness: 120 mm (4,72 in)
Max. plank width: 2.000 mm (78 in)
Max. production speed: up to 20 m/min (65 ft/min)

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