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Foam sheet extrusion line ALEMO EXT120

Foam extrusion ALEMO EXT120 is designed to extrude foam sheets with direct gas injection molding. The design and screw geometry is what makes the melt strength exceptional or average.

Foam extruder performs exceptional melting, mixing and cooling with minimum shear in material. Foam sheet extrusion head and die lip design give the final epe or epp foam sheet consistency. Meaning in terms of thickness and density over all sheet width.

Foam extruder’s feed-screw is designed to bring the raw material to the desired temperature control with optimal gradual cool down. This is considered essential in foam extrusion for maximum density reduction.

Foam sheet extruder EXT120 reaches high output rate productivity, better foam extruded products quality and lower energy consumption. All this for less foam production costs that are usually expected. Foam extrusion line ALEMO for foam sheet production is designed and engineered to offer a higher safety level with several downstream options.

Foam sheet extrusion line ALEMO EXT120

Extruder type: Compact twin-screw extruder
Material: EPE (extruded Polyethylene foam), EPP (extruded Polypropylene foam)
Production capacity: 400 kg/h (880 lb/h) (real capacity)
Density (EPE): 15 – 450 kg/m3 (0,9-28 pcf)
Thickness (EPE): 0,5 – 20 mm ( 1/64-3/4 in)
Density (EPP): 23 – 400 kg/m3 (1.4-25 pcf)
Thickness (EPP): 1 – 6 mm (1/16-1/4 in)
Max. sheet width: 1600 mm, 2000mm, 2500 or 3200mm (63”, 78”, 98”, 126”)
Max. speed of line: 170 m/min (560ft/min)
Energy consumption: less than 0,3 kWh per kg of produced material

Downstream production line options:

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