Company ALEMO was launched in 2007 by a courageous initiative of Dr. Ing. Andrea Sirk based on experience, passion for machinery and dedication to innovation.

With degree in Chemical Engineering he worked for five Years in a multinational company specialized in machinery for Steel Making, then as General Manager restructured a large nylon producing and reprocessing factory and then as entrepreneur restructured a PE foam producing and reprocessing company.

One day, soon after selling the PE foam company, he received a call from Brazil.  “Who can call me from Brazil?” he asked himself. It was a Brazilian entrepreneur, PE foam producer, who visited some years ago Andrea’s PE foam factory and where he saw an old twin-screw extrusion line revamped and reinvented by Andrea.  

The Brazilian entrepreneur asked Andrea: “Can You build one machine like this for me?”. Andrea’s reaction was sudden and instinctive – ”Yes” ! It was a straight answer from the heart.

In 2008 the Brazilian company started to produce PE foam on the new, ALEMO first EXT120 extrusion line, as can be seen on the photo.

Today, ALEMO is a global leader in development and manufacturing of extrusion lines, lamination and other converting machinery for foamed products according to process and product requirements. ALEMO supplied extrusion lines and other Equipment to market leaders in almost every part of the World – Europe, North & Latin America, Australia, India, Russia, Japan and Central Asia.