Winding machinery

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ALEMO offers a wide range and types of winding machines to meet various customers’ requirements, from high speed and tension control winding system, to automatic coreless, roll unloading and hot-melt gluing of paper cores.    

PE foam pipe winders can also be offered in standard big coil version, or as semi-manual winder for short pipe production in coil.   

Automatic winder machine

The ALEMO sheet foam winder is a fully automatic machine in terms of cutting, roll change and roll unloading system. The only manual operation required from an operator is unloading of the finished roll and placing of the new paper core on the shaft. The complete area of roll discharge is protected by a safety system to protect operators.
ALEMO automatic winders for foam sheet roll production are particularly excelled by high speed, tension control and soft winding system which is very important for high productivity and fast degassing of rolls.

Semi automatic winding machine for pipes and profiles

This double coil winding machine was developed for winding PE foam pipes and profiles after extrusion from one head. The machine is simple, compact and can be operated by one operator by manual insertion of pipe into machine. Followed by automatic winding of pipe on coil and final manual discharge of pipe-coil. The winding system is equipped with a touch-screen panel for measuring pipe length and settings of speed and tension control parameters.