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Extrusion line for XPS foam profile and cornice production ALEMO EXT89-XPS-COR

Extrusion line for XPS foam profile and cornice production ALEMO EXT89-XPS-COR is designed to produce foam profiles of different shapes. The used manufacturing process is hot extrusion.

Profile extrusion process is characterized mainly by continuous mixing of a blowing agent (CO2) into melted polymer. The compound of various components is prepared in a mixer. Then is transported to a dosing device which feeds the mixture into the XPS extruder.

The mixture is heated to the melting point temperature of polystyrene. After that, CO2 is added to the melted polymer mixture and fulfils the function of blowing agent. This is necessary for the production of solid extruded foam.

The obtained mixture of polymer and gas is further mixed and cooled by special cooling units. Those units are designed to work at high pressures. The mixture is then forced through special dies (matrix) to make the desired form of the profile.

Extrusion machine head is optionally designed for single stream or two stream profile xps production line. After foam extrusion, the profile is guided through a mandrel to give the final shape. Further on, the profile is cooled to keep the desired shape and dimension of xps product.

Before cutting, the profile is labelled by an in-line printing unit. Foam profile is cut with a millimetric precision by an automatic cutter to the desired length. Finally is transported to an area prepared for the packaging.

ALEMO offers superior technology for xps products with high quality geometry, shape and flat surface.

The ALEMO technology of extrusion machinery including ALEMO EXT89-XPS-COR offers also a fast-die changing system. It allows to change die/ product in few seconds, without stopping the xps extruder. This solutions gives to ALEMO customers a huge advantage over competitors. Meaning in terms of time, raw material and overall production costs reduction.

ALEMO supports the Customers also with wide range die product shape development according to Customer’s request and design.

Extrusion machine by ALEMO produce XPS profiles which are the lightest products on the market. This means lowest quantity of raw material used per linear meter of profile.

Xps extrusion line Alemo

Extruder type: Compact twin-screw extruder
Material: XPS (extruded Polystyrene foam)
Production capacity: 60 kg/h (132 lb/h)
Density: 55 – 400 kg/m3 ( 3.43-25 pcf)
Max. production speed: up to 40m/min (130 ft/min)

Downstream equipment options:

  • In-line Printing unit
  • Transversal cutting unit with counter
  • Other

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