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Interplas Expo Birmingham UK

We kindly invite you to Interplas Expo in Birmingham that opens on September 28 and will end September 30, 2021. Come and visit us on our booth ALEMO Foam Machinery and discover our latest technology and news.




Congratulations to Primož Roglič!

Congratulations to Primož Roglič – Olympic Champion in Men’s time trial in Tokyo!
ALEMO is really proud to support youngsters in such an amazing sport like cycling.




Thank you for visiting ALEMO at FOAM EXPO North America

It was a great pleasure meeting you at ALEMO booth. Thank you very much for your time and You may expect from us additional information and technical-commercial quotes very soon!

Fair exhibition participation co-financed by Republic of Slovenia and European Regional Development Fund




Save the date!

After two years due to Covid-19 situation, we are back to Foam Expo again. Come and discover our latest technological developments!

Fair exhibition participation co-financed by Republic of Slovenia and European Regional Development Fund




ALEMO donated oxygen concentrator to India

It is difficult to imagine and comprehend a situation where there are no more beds in hospitals, no oxygen supply and people with respiratory disorders battling for their life at home.
But this is a real situation in India and could happen to all of us too!

Due to this extreme COVID outbreak in India, ALEMO decided to react promptly and has donated an oxygen concentrator to help those who cannot receive oxygen treatment in hospitals.




Technology for 10g/m2 EPE foam production

Pleased to show latest foam sample produced on ALEMO extrusion line, extruder type EXT130 and on 3000mm width.

Sample properties:

Thickness: 0,5mm

Density: 20kg/m3

Weight: 10g/m2

Raw material consumption at 10g/m2 means huge costs savings, especially if considering also the high productivity which can be reached with extruding foam on  3000mm width and at high speed!!




New XPS foam profiles/cornices extrusion technology!

Glad to present to our Clients a new extrusion technology for production of XPS foam profiles/cornices of widths up to 200mm. Really nice and smooth surface! Ask ALEMO Marketing team for samples on




New extrusion line launched in South America!

Proud to announce that another extrusion line EXT120 with a throughput of 400kg/h has been successfully launched. This time in South America.
Congrats to all the Team for a great job done!💪
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Can you see the difference?

We are pleased to show you the latest foam sample made from Alemo’s extruder with the goal to produce a recyclable phisically foamed polyethylene foam (EPE) with similar properties to a non-recyclable chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE).

The photo is showing a comparison between recyclable EPE foam sample and non-recyclable XPE foam sample.

Recyclable EPE foam with stronger and more durable cell structure is supposed to replace an important part of XPE foam market in the future. Final customers are focussing more and more on the circular economy and thus toward development of sustainable foam products. Last but not least, the production costs of EPE foam are lower compared to XPE foam.   




New corner making and profile cutting machine!

Another hot-selling Corner making and profile cutting machine delivered to North American market! The machine is able to produce corner protectors of different shapes and sizes.




New custom-built Lab Extruder!

On June 30th 2020 we anticipated a new project with Abriso-Jiffy R&D center….. and now, here is the result. A brand new custom-built Lab Extruder in Gliwice.
Watch the video by a click here!




ALEMO is pleased to present »The Winder«!

This is not just an ordinary winder, this is »The Winder«! ALEMO design & engineering department developed and realized a machine with capability of winding and un-winding of 2.5m diameter rolls. With reduction of handling and plank lamination costs in the post extrusion process this will change the way of EPE thick foam production.

For more information, please contact us at! 




New type of Coreless Re-winder machine is ready!

Do you want to enter into the market of PE foam & Air-bubble mini (short) rolls?

Hobby&Work, DIY (Do It Yourself) centers and shops are a fast growing sector. The new Alemo offline Re-winder is the perfect choice to help you in!

Don’t wait, ask Alemo sales team for a price and production video!




New extrusion line launched in Germany!

Proudly to announce that another extrusion line EXT130 has been successfully launched, this time in Germany.
Congrats to all the Team for a great job done!💪




New partnership in Germany!

Thrilled to have partnered with an established German company and together strengthened our brand in Germany.
It’s all hands on deck for making the Complete extrusion line with 600 kg/h capacity mainly for EPE foam production! 🤝




ABRISO-JIFFY R&D CENTER chooses Alemo Foam machines for its new project:

Custom-built Lab Extruder in Gliwice.
New ”Toy” to explore infinite possibilities of polymers, virgin and recycled, mixing and direct foaming, is in construction!
We are all excited to see the final result! 🤝




PE high-density foam

💡 Perfect opportunity to enter Food / Pharmaceutical industry!
Produce quality PE foam gaskets and PE foam safety tamper seals for caps! Check the high-quality PE high-density foam with a very smooth surface (1mm or 1,5mm thickness, 250 kg/m3) Ask ALEMO for samples!




With new ALEMO equipment, more than 40% higher compression strength foam!!

Proud to announce that during tests performed on ALEMO EXT130 extruder with the new screw and die design, the sheet foam produced excelled with 40% higher compression strength measured on 20mm PE foam thickness, 1.3m width and 28 kg/m3 density, produced at 600 kg/h throughput!




Alemo contributes to the community

After a contribution to the Police Trade Union, we were mentioned in the children’s coloring book ”Moji vzorniki”. The book explains ”Who can be their role model and what qualities this person should possess.” all this through fun and game! Nice job! 🙌





”A Company is nothing more than its People” Throwback and Reminder of the good old Exhibition days 🙏




Used Equipment

Due to several demands, Alemo now offers also Used Equipment. As we are in the process of adding new pieces, we’d appreciate any feedback regarding your company’s business needs!




In-line profiles side-precutting unit

Dear customers, take a look at Alemo’s IN-LINE PROFILES SIDE-PRECUTTING UNIT! It is used for production of pre-cut PE foam square profiles that can be easily torn off the profile. The final precut profile is ready for lamination of strip with hot-melt glue on profile’s surface in a second stage.




In-line pipe coating unit

Take a look at Alemo’s render for IN-LINE PIPE COATING UNIT, made to co-extrude a skin on pipes directly after extrusion. The unit is able to coat two (2) streams of pipes in parallel with pipe diameters from 20-200 mm!




In-line profiles side-precutting unit

Somebody was playing with our In-line profiles side-precutting unit!
The machine is used for production of pre-cut PE foam square profiles that can be easily torn off the profile. The final pre-cut profile is ready for lamination of strip with hot-melt glue on profile’s surface in a second stage.




What’s up? Alemo’s Pre-cutting (tear-off) machine for profiles will be ready soon!




Let’s make it a memorable year! :)




We wish you a peaceful end of the year!

How does your Christmas tree look like? 🙂 Let the count down begins! Happy Holidays, from Our house to Yours 😉




Food trays in extruded PP foam

Do you make food trays? Do you need to replace your XPS extrusion line with the best alternative to produce recyclable foam? Here is a sample of PP foam, from Alemo extrusion line. Alemo extrusion lines produce a type of PP foam that could easily become an alternative to XPS foam which will soon exit the food market anyway 😉




Thank you from ALEMO

Thank you so much for visiting us at K 2019 in Düsseldorf! You may expect us to send you additional information and technical-commercial quotes based on your business requirements.




4.0 Foam Production Control System

It is all hands on deck over the last week and the one following, all for the upcoming K 2019! Get ready to hear about our 4.0 Innovative automatic Technology and pick your foam sample!
We’re ready to meet you at K 2019 in Düsseldorf!




K – 2019 Düsseldorf, Germany

We’re happy to announce that Alemo Strojegradnja is at K – 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany!
Visit us at booth 14B05!
Stop by for a meeting!
See you!




Thank you from ALEMO

Thank you so much for visiting us at Foam Expo in Stuttgart! We will contact you soon to pass all the technical & commercial requests we agreed!




Visit us at FOAM EXPO Europe, 10-12 September, Stuttgart (Germany)

Visit us at FOAM EXPO Europe from 10-12 September in Stuttgart, Germany!


Foam Expo is Europe’s dedicated free-to-attend trade fair and conference for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies, as well as the entire foam supply chain




ALEMO at Foam Expo North America 2019 in Novi, Michigan (USA)

Our first participation at Foam Expo North America gave us a strong confirmation that ALEMO’s Extrusion & Conversion Machines will bring some new technology standards and higher performance equipment also to the North American foam market.
Thank you so much for positive feedbacks and enthusiasm you shared with us during your visit. We will contact you soon to pass all the technical & commercial requests we agreed!

P.S. The best from our R&D department has still to come, staying in touch!




New developed machine: Cutting & Corner-making machine

Due to high demand from our customers, Alemo has designed a new machine for PE foam corner production from “U”, “L” and “O” profiles. Up to six (6) profiles can be processed at the same time with productivity aprox. 18 pieces per minute.

Please, feel free to contact us at or call us at + 386 5 39 32 485!